Apple 1987 predictions of what 1997 would be like

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This seems strangely familiar…


Yes, I feel like 1987 was just yesterday…


Statistically, it has been 1987 much more frequently than it has been 2015. Welcome to everywhen!


I’m jake with it being 1987 again. I can try not to fuck up my exam results this time, and Metallica were still good then. Where do I apply for 1987 round II plz?


Very true!

Also 87-88 was my senior year of high school so besides seeing this post just yesterday, the actual year does actually feel like yesterday.

Much better is Apple’s Project 2000 (1988)

It predicts ipad type devices, collaborative workplace online and multi media in the class rooms.

I had to take a break in the middle of this video because my facial muscles became sore from cringing. They mention Ulan Bator, Mongolia, and show what appears to be an Aeriel view of an African village. What morons.

Also, why on Earth would the makers of this video not go out on a limb and make the leap of faith that maybe the form factor of the original Mac (the square bowling ball) would be obsolete and discontinued by 1997. I thought it was obsolete after the initial wow factor wore out. If they had the tech to project a little holographic man - why the hell would the Mac still have a tiny CRT screen. Plus - if they had holographic tech and the other stuff - why the fcku would they not have the engineer using computer aided design (CAD) - instead they had her using paper and drafting tools. Watching the comedian would make me feel violent. I could go on but, like, I won’t.

I am relieved and a little surprised that they didn’t have the womens’ power-suits with shoulder-pads the size of small chldren though. They did get the SD card right - I don’t think they existed in 1987, but I’m not really motivated to look it up right now 'cause I live in post July 1st Oregon, man.

(just an observation - not a complaint - I notice the comment system won’t save comments if Opera Turbo is on.)

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They failed to predict the return of Steve Jobs, which happened in 1997. How can I believe anything else?

You seem more upset with a 30 year old computer ad than is probably necessary. I for one definitely ~want~ need a cabinet mounted Mac Color Classic

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No, not upset…I was pretty mellow before, during and after the video. I was expressing my reaction to it - but I was also trying to express it in a humorous way. As a matter of fact - I was laughing and cringing at the same time :wink:

I can see how you might have mistaken my post for quaking, trembling, full-bore nerd-rage. However - I still kinda wanna punch the comedian just to watch him bounce right back up like the inflatable clown punching bag with the weighted base that I had as a little kid.

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Not sure what the cringing was for, the whole thing was done in a humorous vein, no need to take it so seriously.

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