Here's what an iPhone from 1984 would look like

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Here is my idea of what that Apple Phone might look like in 1987…


The Mac Plus came out in 1986. If the Macintosh Phone had come out in 1985, the ad copy wouldn’t be hyping the new Macintosh Phone, Cerveau writes

Ever wondered how Apple’s flagship product would have looked if it had been released 20 years before the first iPhone?

The fiirst iPhone came out in 2007. The Mac SE was introduced in February 1987, so there’s a small window of opportunity, there.

Apple did design a phone in the 1980s, and it looked nothing like that whatsoever. Rotary dial? Really? Come ON…


It had its issues but served its purpose nicely.


Rotary? Touch tone phones were available in the late 60s.


The rotary dial got me too. Touch tone dialing was introduced in the early 1960s.


Yeah, that is stupid as all hell. Blocky push buttons would have made 100x more sense.


Yeah, but not only that; I just don’t get it. I’m not really sure what the artist is trying to say except “hey, look at what I can make in a 3D modeling program!”

Usually with an application of retro-art like this there’s either a statement to be made as far as what tech was like back then, what tech could have been like back then, what tech is like now, what tech should be like now, or a combination of them. This seems more like someone just got into a 3D modeling program and decided to whip something up.

To me this feels like someone trying to make something up to go viral to pander to some combination of retrocomputing fans and old or new Apple fans.


Doesn’t look tall enough for a lollipop tube.


[quote=“mewyn, post:9, topic:58754”] to pander to some combination of retrocomputing fans and old or new Apple fans.

Hey, I resemble that remark!

Dang! Came here to say this… I remember playing with the Touch-Tone display at the Bell Canada pavilion at Expo '67 in Montreal as a kid.

/that, and the water from the public fountains on site was warm and chloriny.
//and “how can people eat completely taste-free apples from a plastic bag?”

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Is that supposed to be a CRT? Dumb.


I know I’m supposed to be saying this ironically, but I want one.

You do realize that:

  • The touch tone phone was around as early as the 1940s. JFK kicked off the World’s Fair in 1963 by using a touch tone phone:
  • Apple is usually ahead of the curve on bringing new technologies mainstream (ie iMac and USB, iPhone and touch screen, Macbook and USB-C). I doubt Apple would be late to the game for a mobile phone in 1984 with rotary. I remember using touch tone dialing in the early 80s.
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Perfect flame bait. Bravo.


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We don’t see the word “midget” used in advertising copy these days. That seems a little bit sad.

Seems to me that a 1984 iPhone should be at least as large as a 1989 Nintendo GameBoy, which was a marvel of miniaturization at a consumer price. Considering the price of early Mac laptops, I suppose Apple would be a bit more expensive. Probably $5000+ for the pocket phone, with a 20 minute battery?


Just find the state of the art equivalent to whatever apple wants to mass market and multiply the price by a random amount ranging from 1.33 to 2.33. That’ll give you apple’s price.

ETA: Although Apple laptops tend to be stellar for build quality and I haven’t really seen laptops of equivalent durability outside of Mil-spec gear, and that’ll cost easily twice as much as apple stuff.

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