"If that happens, innocent lives may be lost."

But Home Secretary Theresa May had said: "If we delay we face the appalling prospect police operations will go dark, that trails will go cold, that terrorist plots will go undetected.

If that happens, innocent lives may be lost.

OK then. No need to actually discuss the legislation.

So here we go then.


Shills gonna shill

IMO this goes a bit further than shilling for The Man; this is like that scumbag in 1984 advocating the boot stamping on humanity’s face forever.

Fucking treason, of the highest order.

I never did quite understand that guy.
He’s not torturing himself enough to have really bought into the ideology he purports to be promoting.
A true believer would be scrambling into the chair, no?
In which case, it’s empty ideology with a showman’s scintillation and he knows it… and we know it. And we know he knows we know he knows it.

I guess that is the true fascism.

‘Fuck everyone except me; here’s some meaningless drivel I thought up’.

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