UK cops routinely raided police databases to satisfy personal interest or make money on the side

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Look, it’s a small price to pay to Keep Us Safe, and I will continue to take this stance until some embarrassing detail about me sneaks out.


If you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. Amiright?

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Guess who was the major backer of the IP Bill? That’s right, the top candidate for the next Prime Minister.


Don’t forget she also wants us out of the ECHR until an expert points out that the Good Friday peace agreement needs it to function. No doubt in this post-expert age of miracles we’re living in she’ll be going on about it in the run up to the Tory party election vote.

Yay right wing populism…

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Yup. The number of MPs and political commentators saying she is the strongest candidate chills my blood when she is responsible for some of the worst immigration policies and what about those awful vans…

Fucking terrifying.


If you aren’t doing anything wrong don’t have anything to be embarrassed about or have anything that a corrupt cop can abuse you with, you have nothing to fear. It’s so true!


The system works.

(for them.)

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Good thing this could never happen in the Land of the Free. It’s all because of the Monarchy, probably.

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I’m impressed that the production designers on The Blues Brothers went to the trouble of getting the format of an Illinois driver’s license number correct.

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Same as in the USA’s NSA.

Power something, absolute power something absolutely?


It’s the impunity that does it.

Nobody would condone raising a child the consequence-free way we treat cops.

(except the family of that rapey swimmer)

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Just what I needed, another thing to make me feel suicidal. It’s at the level I have come to expect from the tories though.

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Heh. I’ve been waiting for the Theresa May backlash. She ain’t good news.

If that surprises you, I guess you haven’t seen the doco about the flick… Dan Ackroyd was a total obsessive; for instance, he absolutely curated the dashboard clutter on the fleet of Bluesmobiles.

That movie was a bloody masterpiece.



Oh wait - I forgot to post my 1984 esque TV license poster.

This was circa 2004 or so.


I know I pull this one out a lot, but it remains relevant:

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…hence I’m with Cap on Registration/ Sokovia Accords…