If you haven’t tried compression therapy, the Reathlete can knock out leg and joint pain

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I suspect you’ll get a lot more targeted and effective results with a $20 foam roller and your own body weight. And effective trigger point release/ massage involves a lot more writhing around and whimpering and a lot less chilling in the lounger


If you have tried it then it can’t?


i think you mis-read what this contraption is meant to do. your $20 foam roller is not even remotely going to be as effective as the compression therapy at getting fluids from your feet and lower legs back up towards your heart. I was first introduced to one by prescription after a surgery.

plus compression feels really really really nice.

but as is usually the case with BB market items, one can find equivalent systems on amazon for half the price. I also recommend spending the tad bit extra to get a thigh-high version (like in this article). Mine is knee-high and I plan on replacing it soon.

Ok, absolutely, the lymphatic and cardiovascular return stuff is different and important. And this thing might be great at that, but that is about 5% of the focus of this advert, which is largely talks about athletic recovery from muscle soreness and ‘collagen breakdown’.

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The Master suggest that the Tissue Compression Eliminator is really useful.

To the Hydraulic Press Channel!!!

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