If you only read one Amicus Brief this year


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lol @ “eat shit, Bob.”

I wonder if Oliver had a hand in this.


At least this isn’t a case of a rich guy suing a poor guy. In Idaho we have a litigious rich guy who wins even if he loses because regular people use up all of their resources defending themselves.I think he was Romney’s campaign finance guy.


Bob, you are an asshole of all assholes.


It’s official, i’v read a legal document, I am now a lowur


This is glorious.


OH you missed it - it was epic. Hold on I’ll get the video.



Objection, your honour. Brief repeatedly misuses the phrase “begs the question” and is therefore inadmissable.


Looks like a shit-eating grin to me.


I thought you could sue anyone for any reason. You just might not win.



And finally, grow the f*ck up, Bob, you’re acting like a spoiled brat. You’re as bad as our President.


Worth it for Mr Nutter-Butter.


I’m guessing amicus briefs aren’t usually written in that conversational style, with “_____ , Bob” at the end of the lines.

Great tactic though, it basically refers back to “Eat shit, Bob” in tone every time it appears.


Should we be concerned about this? Does burning coal company executives like this release as much carbon as burning coal?


More research is required.


In all seriousness, doesn’t it look like he suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome?


I prefer the illustration taken directly from the brief:


The preceding argument is priceless:

And with regard to the Dr. Evil remark, it should be remembered that truth is an absolute defense to a claim of defamation


According to the Required Disclosures statement (Section I on page 1): no. But they seem to have the style down.

Footnote 3: “Everyone is allowed to have dreams.”