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Freedom of religion, dude!

Watch the second video, the “church members” sound pretty upset.


What better opportunity for an uneducated criminal than a career in real estate

(photographed Monday)


That’s gold right there.


Seen just now:

OK, thanks


Oterdum Monument, near Delfzijl in The Netherlands.
From Jimbopedia: The village of Oterdum which was built against an older section of sea dike was flooded occasionally by storms and was demolished in the 1970s for raising the dike elevation. Coffins traditionally buried in the old dike were moved to Farmsum, leaving monuments in the enlarged dike to commemorate the village and cemetery.

They put some of the old headstones back on the new dike. The hand is the monument to commemorate the village.


Not sure if this is a warning or a suggestion…


It makes me think of the launching mechanism in a new mobile physics game called “Angry Babies”.


Shut up and take my money!!


Not my project (both sad and glad about that), but I got a peek last week:

It’s an old gasometer from the 1950ies. Height: 66,65 m. The ground-plan is a 20-sided polygon, each side is 5,90 m. Capacity was 60.000 m³.
It was decommissioned in 1997 and is a listed building since 1998.

And now they’re building a gym inside it.

A quarter of the ground-plan/volume will be preserved, including the steel-and-concrete disc that used to float on the stored gas.
The hull, which is basically a monocoque frame that props up itself, will be mostly preserved - they’ll fit a couple of large windows in it. The frames have already been fitted on the inside of the hull.
The new building inside the gasometer doesn’t touch the hull (except for the emergency exits which will lead to an external stairwell/lift shaft combo that hasn’t been built yet) and has its own foundations. It will be about 30 m high. The top deck will be used as a stage for cultural events and parties.


(link for context)


I’m tired. Have some art.

And one more that I’ve blurred because I respect that you need your eyes and don’t want you to poke them out. But I don’t respect your eyes enough to not tempt you. Did I mention I was tired and that I may not be exercising good judgement at this moment? I’m soooo sorry. But, in fairness, when I ran across it, it was just BOOM! Right there. All saucy-like, as if to say, “Hey big boy, take me home and put me on your wall.” Sorry painting; not this lifetime.

With a build up like that, how can you not look? Soooo sorry.


Aaack, my eyes! WHY did I look?

Edited to add soothing pictures of nature for abused eyeballs.

Last December, New England had a sequence of wild temperature swings that yielded snow, then melting, then fog, and then an overnight drop into the subzero that encased everything in a thin layer of ice. These pictures were taken right before I went ass-over-teakettle on my way to the car.


(Hope your teakettle is okay!)


It’s so cool when this kind of thing happens… from a safe distance.

Looking at the sidewalk next to the car in your last photo, that would be unpleasant to try to walk along.

(I did warn you not to look)


Bruised but unbowed!


Beautiful! As an ex-pat Mainer, this gives me a very specific kind of nostalgia. (with some roots in the Ice Storm of '98)


I wonder if these are somehow related… even though the area codes are different. I’ve been seeing these signs popping up all over my town since Saturday.

They are tiny, down at ground level as if they are targeting Smurfs, and made about as cheaply as a sign can be made.

The lighting was bad, so I’ve adjusted it so it’s readable:

That doesn’t really scream “Top Dollar” to me, but good luck! At least if you fail you haven’t wasted a lot of money on advertising or design.

In looking at this more, I think the thing that bugs me the most is the refusal to capitalize the "L"s when every other letter is capitalized. Were they trying to save a bit of ink in their Sharpie?

“What other corners can we cut?”

"Well, the “L"s don’t really need their bottoms.”



non-capitalized “L’s” of all letters is particularly distressing, as it’s the most ambiguous character after the sans-serif capital i… [servicable Michael Caine impression] “Some people just want to watch the world confuse alphas and numerics…”


After watching Shed 17, no way would I touch these!