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I am sure this is no accident.

Left wing themed youtube videos are flooded with right wing ads for the last few years. Often as not, PragerU.


I am sure this is no accident.

Yup, it was deliberate.

Left wing themed youtube videos are flooded with right wing ads for the last few years. Often as not, PragerU.

I don’t get that part, but I stay away from YouTube so I have no clue.


That’s from one of Jasper Fforde’s books, right? Have you got one of the posters for the Socialist Republic of Wales?



Reminds me of a Rhod Gilbert joke: “I was born in Wales; I was 9 years old before I realised you could take off your cagoule!”


Is the “Retire King” lobby exhorting him to go gracefully, or hoping to incite a retirement with maximum prejudice?


Another from last winter.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you left an unopened can of soda in the car and the temperature went below zero overnight?

Me neither.

Judicious application of a heat gun (so as not to crack the windows) and three towels were required to clean it up.


Saw this one morning on my way to work. Can’t wait to see the Batmobile.


King’s opponent, Sen. Eric Brakey, is “a libertarian with national Republican connections” so your guess is as good as mine. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

King, BTW, is an independent, and won the election.


Some pics of our first snowfall of the season in Brooklyn. Made particularly lovely due to trees still having their turned leaves.


I used to work alongside some security guys, the kind who securely move cash boxes, one of whom learned his van, if you pushed the wrong button, would go into lockdown and 10 seconds later explode a dye pack in the cab.
His mate waved at him from outside, grinning as it counted down.
Really wish I had a photo.



“Where do the ducks go??”


Really basil seeds, or did someone re-purpose moldy old bottles of Orbitz?


Chia seeds are a thing too. Especially in Komubcha.


Yoda apparently works for the local DPW now.


Bottled frogspawn. Do not want.



But do they stock any bird spittle? I could also do with the breath of a fish?

I’ve got these dwarves who are really insistent they need this stuff. They say they’ve got this mega-contract with some heavy dudes and we can make a killing if we can get hold of some?


You can’t fool me! If I give you the bird spittle and the fish’s breath you’ll keep them for yourself and that mucking-great dog of yours will run free and probably dig up all the flower beds between here and Jotunheim.


Hey, my kid just likes to run around and play.

Ok, maybe he’s a little prone to chewing on things (like the sun, admittedly that’s not so great and I’ve had a word with him about that, you can believe me) but he’s just expressing himself and exploring the world around him.

You just want to squash his growth.


(Found this while looking for something else.)