Got Graffiti? share your local street art


A thread for posting street art you see regularly on your commute in your neighborhood that has made it seep into your subconscious. Could be your favorite, one that mystifies or annoys you.

I’ll kick things off with this mural that’s been staring in at me from outside my bedroom.

Because I see it every day, I can’t help but toy with possible interpretations (A cracked, weary smile forced to be worn by the ubiquitous service industry due to a decline in manufacturing and the new indentured servitude enforced by harsh and systemic inequality?)

Any Brooklyn locals know anything about the tags R2B, C2J or OES ARC 2015?



The only graffiti that lasts more than 24 hrs in my town is stuff by bumblebee…


There’s a lot of great mural-scale graffiti in the neighborhood where I work, because every year they host a street art festival called Powwow Hawaii. I’ll take a few pics of some favorites and put them up later today.

Here’s one closer to my own neighborhood:


NOPE put this up a few years ago a few blocks from me. It faces the preschool playground across the street.

big up, NOPE.


Here’s a first installment - my favorite of the last few years:

She’s hanging her head, but that secretive smile…


Here’s a selection of a few more from an afternoon stroll around the neighborhood. There are some pretty new ones - at a couple spots I found different ones than I was expecting to see there.


A few more from my afternoon walk:

Very new, I was expecting to snap something totally different here. I’m not sure if the drips are accidental or intentional, or an accident turned into the artist’s intention. The bottom right swimmer is painting the shark, or perhaps the whole mural.

This one’s been aging here for a while, a couple years maybe? No message message, just contemplation of a face in contemplation.

I think this one is new, but I don’t come down this side street often enough to be sure. (Wish I’d gotten a better angle on it.)

This is also new, and very striking. I think it’s got something to say about tourist marketing and identity, but maybe that’s just my take on it.


Damn. My town has pathetic street art. I guess I’ll throw up some photos when I have some time in the day this weekend.


No graffiti of note in my town. You’re inspiring a Denver trip though, so thanks for that. :slight_smile:



Not where I live, but always love when somebody does transparent graffiti…

Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic by Milane Ramsi
Transparent Graffiti by Milane Ramsi | Colossal


Melbourne, Oz


Not local…


I collect and write regularly about graffiti and street art. That’s in part because I see so much around where I work. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet a local artist working on this mural.


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