If You See Something, Post Something!


Least popular (but most powerful) of all The Avengers.


Aww, man, Chrissy Hind is the boss and now I have that song stuck in my head.


I know! I know! You saw a gray line on your Gray Line sightseeing tour, right?

Did I get it?

(Disclaimer: I have no affiliation whatsoever with Gray Line tours.)




I thought that was this one:





A Caribbean favorite, no less. Not sure which is more disturbing, the natural or the artificial flavor.


Oh my, that’s some careless creative tear-on-the-dotted-line work, there, isn’t it! :upside_down_face:


Does the male of the species taste that different than the female that it gets it’s own soup?

“No don’t use chicken for this soup, you must use the rooster!”


I’d guess that not many people see a submarine on their way to the supermarket.


We want details.


New London/Groton?


I drive by it numerous times a week. Have yet to go in, though.

The move to its current location was really something.

Its museum site: http://www.ussalbacore.org/

@generic_name, I was thinking of putting in unless you live in Groton, LOL


Found this on the ground on my way to work yesterday:

It is what it is, I guess… I just hope it doesn’t contain rhinoceros horn or something. Can’t believe there are people in my neighborhood who are into this stuff!


Ooh a modern diesel sub. There was a Russian one open for tours in Seattle many years ago. They are pretty cool to get a look around in and while small not cramped.


No, but I’ve seen some on the bike path!


I learned a while back Google Photos will make a gif for you out of a bunch of similar pictures, just to save you the trouble if you might want to.

Hilariously, I learned this taking silly pictures at Wal-Mart.

Explain this photo



What is it?