If You See Something, Post Something!


Sweet cheese and crackers. What on earth is going on wherever it is that you are?


Unchecked capitalism?

ETA I will say, if the marionette was 1/10 the price the seller was asking, I would have bought it in a heartbeat and used it to terrify my enemies.


I was going to go with widespread demonic posession, but unchecked capitalism is pretty similar I guess.



Seems like a very roundabout way to get glitter on your dog’s tongue.


Speaking of veiled threats…

(from the same mall)


Reminds me of this I found in a charity shop a while back.


That is utterly repulsive. And ridiculous.


I’ll see your panicked Minion, and raise you a Mrs. Beasley, who not only isn’t panicking… she likes it.


“She talks – just like you remember!”

Yeah, I didn’t want to sleep anyway…



Yeah, those disco balls are pretty nuts.


Potato 1:

Potato 2:


Lowest I’ve seen in these parts for a while, but certainly not the lowest on the continent right now. Can anyone here beat my score?


If only I could get a decent photo!


Minneapolis. It’s dark out. Thermometer is outside my kitchen window. Holding my 2010 MacBook up to the window with one hand, shining a mag lite on the thermometer with the other hand. Looking through a double-paned window, storm window, and screen. I melted the frost off the storm window with the palm of my hand, but it starts frosting up again while I take the picture. Dropped the mag lite, and it rolled under the refrigerator (at least it was on, and I could see what I was doing while fishing it out with a ruler). Anyway, it’s -18 Fahrenheit right now, can you tell from the picture?

I didn’t go out of the house at all today. Schools were closed, grocery store was closed, no mail delivery. My internet keeps going out.

[The predicted low tonight will be -30F.]

[I really need a decent camera so I can play this game better.]


Great effort, I can just make out the line stopping near -20.
Yeah, Minneapolis… that’s about as cold as you’re gonna find in the states, stay safe!


I just noticed my thermometer goes down to minus 80F. :laughing: That’s pretty ambitious! Should I be worried?


Considering all but only the highest-proof liquors would be frozen by that point, yes, I myself would be worried.


Your IRL spelunking of the depths of the dolliverse (not to be confused with Dollywood…) make Justin McElroy’s Haunted Doll Watch bit seem like so much armchair archaeology.


I googled for the source and found this all over the bookselling world.