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For rent: 3rd floor, 2 bedroom walk up. Comes with a probably unsafe roof deck and a rusty I-beam. Rent includes an ornamental electric hoist and all the broadcast television you can stand. Available at the end of the month; first, last and security; no pets or small children unless they are going into the stock pot.


That’s a fine compliment. I’ll take it. Now if only I was as funny as him.

ETA other side:



Now that is my kind of history book!


Same booth. Commas are important.




Some summery images to help thaw out of the vortex.

duckweed completely takes over the pond in the park, to the extent that toddlers and dogs frequently walk out onto it…

Some lovely pond slime to warm your frozen, slimeless days

And finally, some decorative elements from the park that, without context of scale, could easily be lost amazonian ruins.


conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and the moon. Taken with my phone yesterday morning (-21f at the time)


Oh, dear Dog.

(ETA these are motorized.)




Mоist is not an awful word.


Well, you’ve clearly never –

Ugh, never mind, it’s all just too awful to relive. :scream:


An IRL occurrence, if not particularly visual:

A project of my organization was just accepted as a member of NNERPP (The National Network of Education Research Practice Partnerships). Cannot avoid thinking “ERMAGERD! RERSERCH! HERP DERP” in my head every time I read the acronym…



What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Or traumatized.



All it needs is an exclamation point at the end of it.


For @HMSGoose:


Really beautiful! Is that frost on those mushrooms, or something intrinsic?


It’s integral to the mushrooms. My wife has a macro lens for her iPhone, if I can find it I’ll try to get a higher resolution picture.


Long post, lots of pics…

Okay, here he is finally. The marionette I found alongside “Flakey, the over-priced doll.”

This is how I found him, lounging among the rest of the forgotten items of wonder:

To start, I tried to honor the shop keepers wishes, and not touch him. The wishes, and the fact he looked like something found in a grave, dug up, brushed off, and slapped with a price tag.

And what a price tag! So awesome, he had to be priced twice:

Again. “Please do not touch, but I’ll set him on top of a bunch of other stuff, and hope he will crawl out of the way if someone wants something below him”… like… this poor bastard:

Took another shot of his casual lounging:

A close-up of his hairline:

Then finally decided that I had to touch him so I could get a shot of his back (you can see Flakey in the background. I didn’t touch Flakey):

His spine:

His rump, with one leg barley attached, and a creepy bracelet:

Another look at his face, and his unusual… earrings? Earplugs?:

If his hair were orange, he would look a bit like Yahoo Serious:

His junk:

And lastly, here he is in most of his glory, in case you haven’t seen quite enough of him yet:

If the seller was correct, and this was intended to be a marionette, at some point someone was making it move in a fashion meant to appear lifelike.

Just imagine that.

Now imagine you’re in a dark bedroom, a storm rages outside the house, the power’s out, you turn on a flashlight and see him skitter under the bed. Legs like that, he has no choice but to skitter.

Seriously, if I had the money to burn, or the seller was asking $25, I would have bought him and hid him in dark places.