If You See Something, Post Something!


On CNN’s front page right now:


Ummm…maybe the first thing is causing the second?


I did . . .

It looks a little like Tony Soprano’s home . . .

Is it the weird animal-skin rugs?


So you didn’t notice the totally suburbanite sex dungeon?


Oh, I just skimmed over it thinking it’s a weight room.


Looked again. Still looks like a weight room.

What kinda game you playin here, mister??


Oh crap. I should have got screen scrapes, all gone now.


No prob, you just gave me the teenagers’ throwback band name in the novel I’m writing:

Totally Suburbanite Sex Dungeon



Here you go!



What kills me is it looks like staging furniture for the rest of the house. Like lets put in the sex dungeon and see if anyone notices.


It’s being sold furnished, per the Zillow listing. No mention of the dungeon equipment.

This Guardian article (apparently posted before Zillow scrubbed the dungeon photos) says the house is currently being used as a short-term rental “for private parties or entertainment.”


Ahh fun. Still that marble floor looks a bit cold for a romper room.


Well, at least no carpet burns.


The pragmatist in me thinks, “Ease of cleanup.” Plus, the sadists can wear slippers and the masochists can go barefoot. Win win.


Apparently Trump just declared an Amber Alert in Ontario.

(Stupid companies that do a quicky port and can’t be arsed to change their resourcestrings in sub-projects! I wonder what the French version says?)


Brassieres in the street. Spotted around the corner from my youngest’s school. (This is a couple of years after we found a pair of discarded trousers on the sidewalk at her school)