If You See Something, Post Something!


Is that what that is? I had no idea. I thought it was some kind of statement about the farming industry or something. I rarely feed squirrels on purpose, and if I were going to I would go with the Trump head that was posted awhile back.

As to your question, the truck was firmly attached.


It’s a squirrel feeder, yah. But a lot of squirrel feeders are either designed to wreak vicious revenge on the destructive little tree rats, or provide cute pictures (look, there are squirrels between the President’s ears! I always knew!). Feeding them without ulterior motives is not real popular.


To wreak vicious revenge, you say?

Sometimes they deserve it, I say.


Image result for squirrel girl doesn't approve


Hail Hydra Fruit!


My local library celebrated Free Comic Book Day. I don’t know who designed the flier, but I wish I did. I have questions.


Anyone care to speculate the emotional status of this cookie- acutely anxious of its fate or blissfully unaware?


I think the sign speaks for itself.




Meat, but not the 2 veg. Fortunately.


That dog…


I just finished replacing the drain pump motors in our washing machine. Last night, on the couch, this was me (except the attack dog was a pile of stuffed animals dressed in tutus and swim diapers …)


Congrats! You are their demographic! I considered buying it so the people at the checkout might think I was handy, but I doubted I could pull it off.

Where’s the magazine for Befuddledman?


That one time when I was at Blofeld’s secret lair.


Well, it’s no Beffudledman Monthly, but a few years ago I did some hardware design for a company that made retail security devices. Loss Prevention is not an area with much sex appeal, but that didn’t stop this trade magazine from trying. Sort of.


the logo… It looks like a tithouse on legs. I get what they are going for, but for me it’s a huge miss.

the slogan… “WE NAIL IT!” Really? That’s what you’re going with? A double entendre? That’s like when I was in the USAF working in PMEL, our clever little slogan was, “We do it with precision.”

the layout… The name of the company is all but lost against the image. The positioning is just bad. The whole things is bad.

the kerning… “R… O… O… F… I… N… G…” Ummmm. Y?

the leading… “& EXTERIORS”, aren’t you lonely all the way down there? Wouldn’t you rather be closer to your buddies?

If I were the designer of this (I am a graphic designer/art director, and have been for over 21 years, so I’m very critical) I would feel great shame at having made this.

Of course, there’s no telling how much client input had to be accommodated, so I would need to see more samples before writing the designer off. And even when you have to bend over backwards to appease a client, you can still do your best to make it look good, and I doubt the client asked for more kerning. It’s not cowbells, ffs.


That fire extinguisher…

(Or is that a mini oxygen tank?)

Behind every good Handyman is an implausibly smitten woman.


That car though… are their UX designers even trying?