If you spent $399.99 on Apple stock instead of an iPod in 2001, you'd now have $9,217,922

In the, um, early 90s? I bought Apple stock cheap.

A few years later I was working in Silicon Valley, making OK money, but had some student debt I wanted to pay off. It was affordable debt back then, but I just wanted it gone.

The Apple stock had gone up about 50%, so I thought, “hey, why not.” It went for something like $32K or $36K.

A few years ago I figured out that the stock would be worth (taking stock splits into account) about six million.


It’s a silly way to frame a story anyway.

If you’d bought $400 of Apple stock in 1995, you’d have lost it all overnight. Apple had some very bad years there. I don’t see any value in imagining some past where we perfectly predict the future. It’s tautological. Of course that would be great. No shit, Sherlock. It’s not adding anything to our lives to think about it.


Maybe one day it can be appreciated as vintage audio gear. I also own one of the Sony portable mini-disc players. It (Net MD Walkman MZ-NE410) plays as well today as it ever did and gives a remarkable 50+ hours of playback on a single alkaline AA cell.


If you spent $399.99 on Apple stock instead of an iPod in 2001…

As I never had an iPod, nor indeed did I have any apple products until 2015.

Kinda wish it had stayed that way.


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