If you want to understand Putin, learn about Alexander Dugin, the fascist Russian charlatan beloved by the U.S.’s far-right

Julius Evola, Ivan Ilyin, Dugin, Kovalchuk, Rene Guenon…Steve Bannon loves all those guys. Oh, my: the Treaty of Westphalia (end of the Thirty Year’s War) was a debacle for their neo-medievalist vision for you and me.

Bannon wanted Sarah Palin to run, but the chips weren’t there. He tried to convince people that Phil Robertson - yes, the Duck Dynasty beardie - was some sort of 2nd coming. Then, Trump came along. Bannon actually told his biographer Joshua Green that Trump had been “talking abou these ideas for 25 years.” As if Trump has ever had ANY “ideas” except for making himself richer, or convincing everyone he’s a sexy, “very stable genius.”

Just tryna add some context.


This guy claims to have been translating Dugin, but Foundations of Geopolitics isn’t among them.


Now, why do I get the feeling that when Dugin calls Alex Jones “a true American man” it’s because he thinks Americans are generally “loud-mouthed idiots, with no knowledge or understanding of the wider world whose ignorance and arrogance makes them easily manipulated”?


No, Foundations of Geopolitics.

The link is to that supposed ‘google translate’ translation.

A foundational, seminal work … and since 1997 all there is is a google translate version?!?

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I can’t really agree with the plug for Dark Star Rising. The entire book was just a long series of association fallacies after the fashion of “Political Figure X’s father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate was once in the same room as Madame Blavatsky, therefore Political Figure X is a closet occultist.” Look, I hate these people, and I’m inclined to believe any bad thing one might say about them, but you’ve got to give me evidence. And a pile of attenuated associations is not evidence. (In fact, I try to require more evidence for things I’m predisposed to believe as a check against my own wishful thinking leading me astray.) I’m not saying that the rising fascist right are not a bunch of crypto-occultists (and, in fact, Mike Flynn demonstrably is), just that this book contains no useful evidence of that thesis.

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Also, does he scream at the camera at the top of his lungs and sell overpriced vitamins :thinking:


Ah. I see. You’re saying that this version

was just run through google translate… Looking at the reviews, that seems to be the case (and even in other languages). I guess that’s because some white supremacist scum that thinks this is “an important work” (on it’s own merits, not based on it’s role in shaping Putin’s philosophy) was too lazy to learn Russian and do a proper translation.

Have you looked into any books in English about Dugin? That might give you an idea of scholars (reputable ones, not white supremacist fucktards) who have studied his work and read it in the original language.


The point is that PUTIN thinks it is an important work!

So it might just be handy to have a proper translation of a strategy guide which A WORLD LEADER WITH NUKES seems to find important, no?

Yes… I’m aware of that. Not sure why you think I’m somehow ignoring that.

Someone probably DOES have a translation, but that doesn’t mean it’s commercially available. Again, try looking for books about Dugin in English, and see who has studied his work, and you might get a better sense if there is a translation you can dig up. :woman_shrugging:

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Nice article, I wish philosophy departments in the US would cover Indian philosophies as well since many of them share some commonalities with Greek philosophers but give their own historically significant takes on these topics.


Fuck Evola. I hate the man so much I used his name for a villain in a short story I was writing.

One of the most horrifying days of my life was when I innocently clicked on a book that Amazon recommended to find out more about it, not knowing that it was by some fascist author. My Amazon “Recommended for you” list instantly filled up with so many fascist and fascist-adjacent titles that it looked like Stephen Miller’s bedside table. Julius Evola featured heavily.

I had to click on everything Peter Kropotkin ever wrote just to restore balance and get my recommendations to go back to normal.


“View and Edit your browsing history” can be a very useful feature.


but the ends are basically the destruction of Western Democracy at least those are the ends as envisioned by Putin.

Yes, but unfortunately the Right in the US don’t really believe that.

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