Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump


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I was familiar with Peale (a progenitor of woo peddlers like the authors of “The Secret”), Evola, and Dugin. What I didn’t expect was that occultism might be the glue that bound them all together into a fascist mess when it comes to (respectively) Il Douche, the alt-right, and Putin. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since mysticism eventually rears its head in any right-wing populist movement.

I also agree about the absence of conspiracy theories. This is all out in the open. For example, the influence of Dugin on Putin and other proponents of “Russian greatness” and the re-constitution of the Russian/Soviet empire as a traditionalist “Russkiy Mir” can’t be understated, especially this book:


The Putin whisperer in action:


Good grief, Peale was hardly Aleister Crowley. He was barely even the Wizard of Oz.


This does explain why Trump commissioned that French archaeologist to go find the Well of Souls and retrieve the Ark of the Covenant on his behalf.


“Here’s my interview with Lachman about Dark Star Rising.”

…and then the post is over. Did you forget to paste something in there, Mark?


This is hardly new to the Republican Party. Ronnie Reagan was a fan of the mystic Manly P. Hall and seemed to think that some of Hall’s stories giving a mystic significance to the signing of the Declaration of Independence were actually historically supported and documented in the works of Jefferson!



Look at any problem in the world and at the root of it is magical thinking. Fucking hippies.



That explains how Jim Bakker got a trip to the White House. Dugin is one thing, but Jim is in his own league of villainy. Jim has magic prepper buckets that he promises will refill with gruel when emptied like the fish and loaves miracle from the Bible. Not kidding look it up. He said trump hotel was “like heaven”


If you believe hard enough, and want it hard enough, the link will manifest itself. Unbeliever…


Everybody knows that good magic only works in a fascist-type autocracy.


Appropriately for something to do with mysticism, it was a case of “as above, so below”, and the link was actually at the top of the article, under the big photo.

I think that this is the link: https://tracking.feedpress.it/link/3813/9381513/454816470-boing-boing-iia-lachman.mp3


Yes, that’s the interview I was referring to. I’ll post a transcript soon.


Jack Parsons finds your disbelief disturbing.

(SmokyBarnable starts choking now.)


He’s not a member of the Thule Society?


Didn’t Eco in Ur-Fascism kinda hint on the irrationality of fascism as a whole?


I could live with a Raiders of the Lost Ark ending for this admin; it would be most fitting…


Jack Parsons finds your disbelief disturbing.

Indeed. But then, Jack Parsons has been called the Jet Propelled Antichrist:


I guess projection might explain all the weird occult shit they were accusing Hillary Clinton of.

(But then, so does crazy.)