If you're a CIA employee it's ok to torture people, but talk to a reporter? Go to jail


um…duh? Everyone knows the reporters work for the Terrorists and Anonymous


Wonder how many will react smarmily here rather than talk about the issue of press freedom and its disappearing independence and the C.I.A. clearly operating outside of the ideals of our democracy as well as the law and spirit of the U.S. Constitution…but that’s soo much super harder!

I would guess most BB regulars understand exactly what is happening in the US in regards to personal freedoms and even to those in the press.

What exactly do you want to add (before we all go down the swarmily rabbit hole)?




Based on the articles I’ve read, I don’t understand the whistle-blower value of Sterling’s leaks. What greater good was served here?

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Smarm doesn’t get you a personal NSA tracking bot.


This shouldn’t be illegal, but even Mark Felt would have had serious repercussions. I support reform, my senators support reform, and it is going to take a lot more issues like this to get anything passed.

The entire issue is tragic, but a repeal of the Espionage Act and CFAA would be an excellent first step.

Freedom of the press? That plays right into Bin Laden’s hands.

By invoking the espionage act, they’re equating the public with an enemy power. Which pretty much tells you who they’re working for: not me or you.


The U.S. government is another class of U.S. citizen and the rest are a whole other class of citizen. This has been the case for must of the U.S. history except for that short period of the Articles of Confederation. Before and after that time the wealthy have ruled America.

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