CIA blows off senators who ask it to stop illegally spying on Americans without a warrant

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Gazpacho tactics.


Perfect response from an organization who’s whole purpose centers around creating falsehoods & information asymmetry for geo-political advantage.


Imagine if any politicians or government agencies faced any sort of consequences whatsoever for straight-up lying, ever.


This must be stopped immediately! The CIA is encroaching on FBI and NSA turf. /s

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And with a boilerplate piece of PR like that as a response, clearly the American Gazpacho thinks they can bully-on.


Citizenry: No domestic spying without a warrant! That was the deal!




When is there going to be some accountability for: systemically/chronically committing torture, openly destroying the evidence of all that torture, promoting person in charge of all that torture (who ordered destruction of the evidence for all that torture) to head of CIA. For Abu Ghraib: they convicted low level Army MPs, demoted a general, and made photography illegal (so no more Abu Ghraibs would ever be discovered). For Guantanamo (and the secret-prison torture), they did: nothing.
            Former-DCI Gina Haspel is a war criminal who should have conscientiously objected to, rather than headed, her torture assignment. However, I’ve no doubt the next GOP president will probably give her the Medal of Freedom. Like George Tenet, who foisted Iraq War II on us, she will fail upwards.


Whether friend or Pho - the fearless Gazpacho treat all with suspicion.


I, for one, have a hard time figuring out if we would be better off with the CIA, or without it.
Either way, I see no reason to trust 'em.

Spy on one person and you are a criminal. Spy on millions of people and you are a tech giant. Spy on everyone and you are the US government.

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FUN FACT: The phrase “national security” does not appear in the Constitution

“U.S. persons” - is this some sort of legalese? Is there a difference between “U.S. person” and “U.S. citizen”?

They justify it by only spying on people who “associate with foreigners”

Got FB friends, or in a social media group with people outside the US? That puts your comms in the CIA’s jurisdiction. Even your domestic ones, because you could be disseminating information from foreign contacts.

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Or post in this BBS?


For some reason, that CIA statement reminded me of a used car salesman.

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Yes, it’s legalese - 22 CFR § 120.15 - U.S. person. | CFR | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

In the U.S. corporations are people too.

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We need more Ron Wydens

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