FBI chief says warrantless spying on Americans is essential

Originally published at: FBI Says Spying on You Without a Warrant is Essential


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I would love to ask the chief; “Can you give an example where this warrantless spying has yielded a successful outcome?”

Personally I believe that when actionable intelligence literally falls into their lap, they have dropped the ball on numerous occasions (Sept 11th, Jan 6th, …)


Other good questions: “If the FBI doesn’t need to get a warrant for its surveillance, what safeguards are in place to prevent misuse of this capability? For those safeguards that are already in place, how many cases of misuse have been detected and how many attempted or planned cases of misuse have been avoided by those safeguards?”


There are answers to those questions already! They aren’t good.
An Opportunity to Stop Warrantless Spying on Americans.


"However, some Democrats and Republicans say they want to reform Section 702, so that the FBI must obtain a warrant before searching for information about Americans and others inside the U.S. " Is a bit different than eavesdropping.

Requiring a warrant to do a google search? or looking up records? that seems silly. A warrant to eaves drop on what are assumed to be private conversations? yes please.


Section 702, as essential to the FBI as the Stasi sniffer dogs were to East Germany’s control over its people….


the slightly more complicated question maybe is warrants for google searches. at this point it seems they’re getting so much information simply by posing as third party businesses, or even using the services in “unexpected” ways ( fake 23 and me profiles and the like )

granted i don’t want businesses having that much information on people either…


Maybe some sort of right to be forgotten? I have a “youthful indiscretion” (I was however not technically a youth) involving non state approved pharmaceuticals in the mid 90s. Eventually the courts deemed the records should be sealed. I have to wonder what is the point of sealing such records anymore? It’s been awhile but I used to do google searches trying to find out if it was readily discernible and I couldn’t find anything. I’ve never bothered paying for a background check on myself. I’m certain companies that have hired me have though and nothing comes back or the companies didn’t seem to care.

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CIA says torture is necessary, Phillip Morris says nicotine is necessary, NRA says guns are necessary, foxes say easy access chicken runs are necessary…

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