If you're a warehouse manager stealing millions, you probably shouldn't buy a Lambo, Tesla, Porsche, and mansion near work

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This sounds like a made for tv movie. When do we get the movie?


There’s a scene in Superman 3 where Robert Vaughn’s villain realizes that one of his employees is covertly skimming money from his company, but figuring out who exactly is doing it will be almost impossible-

And Richard Pryor’s character comes peeling into the company parking lot in the new Ferrari he just bought.


So often these schemes are run with no end-game planned. You’re going to get caught eventually.

If you’re going to steal millions, not only do you NOT buy a mansion and a Lambo, you squirrel the money away and then skip the country to live in Tahiti, or someplace with no extradition to the USA like Venezuela.


The end game is prison. There are 3 entities in this world that you don’t try to rip off: the U.S. government, the corporations, and the super riches. They have the resource and power to put you behind bar anywhere in this world.



It makes me angry, but not so angry about sticking it to Amazon/Bezos.


{checks program listings on Amazon Prime Video}

Hmmm, nothing so far…

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Well, not millions… but damn I wish I could spill what’s going on right now in my office. Every few days the investigation turns up yet another jaw-dropper. Once the heat turned up it was troubling to see buddy flailing like a drowning person… trying to cover their tracks, fudge old paperwork. Absolute defiance in every interview, blaming management…

I’m going to have to testify in court against someone who’s been my friend and mentor for the past 30 years. The fallout from their choices is huge. How do you tell your kids and grandkids? How do you explain to your wife that 7 years away from a primo indexed pension you’re fired and going to jail and will be penniless to the day you die? And for what? Consumer goods? Shit that has a 90-day warranty?

Lots of mixed emotions at the moment.


Looks like she didn’t know when to quit when she was “ahead” but instead doubled/tripled down on her lies.

From the article

“She then committed new crimes while on bond, even creating a fake dismissal document purporting to be from the court and that included the forged signature of the Chief US District Judge, all for the purpose of misleading a franchising company about the status of her criminal charges,”

Then the two also allegedly emailed fake court documents to CRU to prove their false claims. The fraudulent docs included forged signatures of Chief US District Judge Timothy Batten, Sr, and forged seals and signatures of the clerk of the court.


He does the article not mention the jetskis??!!

You KNOW they bought a sick ass pair of jetskis, put em on a trailer, and hitched them up to that Lambo for a weekend at the lake.

Kenny Powers GIF


Never. That movie is just another scam. Tax dodge.


Yeah, I never bought anything and nothing ever changed.


May I suggest separate your feelings from the content of your testimony. It’s okay to be upset but just answer the questions with the truth as you know it. Both prosecution and defense may be hard on you… it’s not personal.


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