If you've ever been on a bus, you know the value of noise-canceling headphones


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When I’m on the bus, I don’t WANT to be that oblivious to my surroundings!



Oh, Christ yes, the rustling leaves, the rustling leaves!!! Cancel them, cancel them!!!

Although, dB and dB(A) … it’s usually a good idea to check back what they actually meant to say in “publications” like sales brochures.

That being said, if your music is getting lost in loud environments then your music is not loud enough.


Slightly off-topic: I have some Sennheiser headphones that were unknowing plugged into my amp in my TV room. We watched a 45 minute show with the speakers off, hearing only the sound generated from my headphones. I thought the sound was a little tinny, but really only figured it out when I heard a slight crackle and noticed that my amp was turned all the way up, which I had NEVER done before.

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