iGo KeyJuice charger for USB Micro and Mini smartphones


I can’t tell from the image: are the data pins present, just slightly out of view at that angle, on the Type A plug, or is this one of the chargers that physically precludes untrusted host attacks by doing power only?


I have only used it for charging but it should sync as well.

Just plugged it into my laptop – data pins are functional – not charge only.
I have this igo mini/micro usb and I have a no-name 30-pin-apple/micro-usb that I have found to be very handy over the years. Now that the wife got a 5s, I need to see if I can find a lightning version…

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Are there still smartphones with Mini USB? I thought Micro USB had replaced it for just about anything new.

I got one of these a few months ago and it seems well made and is super tiny. However be warned it may not work on your USB device. The plastic surrounding the metal cable contact is square and larger around than many micro USB cables so if your desired micro USB port is even slightly recessed or has protruding structure near it you won’t be able to get the plug in there. I also tried it on some drives and it doesn’t get a very snug fit and the cable pops out easily.

That said it is awesome if it will work on your device.

The stuff I tried it on that didn’t work was my mophie juice pack plus for iPhone 5 and a western dodo tap passport drive.

I wish it worked. It’s supremely tiny.

It has both mini and micro USB. You can use one or the other.

I have a couple of external batteries that use a mini-usb to charge.

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