IKEA-run secondhand store opening in Sweden

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Makes perfect sense as Ikea furniture rarely lasts longer than a few years.

Out the front door new, in the back door used. Full circle.

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I’m sure a lot of it is garbage, and a lot is simply tossed since it can be so cheaply replaced, but I have to admit that I’ve been using my Ikea nesting tables and book shelves for 18 years or so now. Hell, my teen child is using an Ikea table I used as a teenager.


Some of Ikea products have (or had) good quality. I’m not sure if it is still manufactured, but there was a table made entirely from beech wood (lots of small planks glued together) that was cheap, simple and looked nice. My brother bought one more than 10 years ago and it’s still as good as new.


Looks like Ikea is moving away from the outta town big box store footprint globally:


Yep. The parental unit has one, it’s survived two moves and being parked in storage for a year. She also bought some chairs at the same time, and they are still in good shape too.


We’ve been through some Ikea junk, but the coffee table in my house has an imprint on it ‘To Mom love (rocketpj)’. From when I was 8, which was 40 years ago.


All the Ikea furniture I’ve purchased for indoors is still in good shape today. Some of it is over 25 years old. I would not recommend any of their metal café chairs, because ours have all broken at the welds, but I love my Skarsta mechanical adjustable-height desk! It works perfectly and the mechanism is inherently better than the non-Ikea equivalent.

(Ikea, if you need remote workers, hire me!)


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