Ikeahacking turned pro: the aftermarket cabinet-doors of Semihandmade

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There is an entire industry dedicated to customizing Ikea furniture:
Here are some other companies doing the same thing:



This kind of seems like putting sauce bearnaise on an Egg McMuffin. Why not just do the whole thing high quality?

We used Semihandmade in our library - the base cabs are Ikea kitchen cabs ( pretty solid, the kitchen cabs ) and these guys did all the doors.

I cut down the depth of the Ikea kitchen cabs at the local TechShop, and cut tons of holes for cable routing. Found a shop in LA which specialized in large grommets and all was fine.

That worked out so well ( and was under the $300/ft quotes we were getting for maple) that we hacked up another Ikea / Semihandmade for a hallway cabinet / workbench.

Working with this crew was a total pleasure.

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I guess it’s of the mind that a box is a box and it’s all about the finishes.

Because then your kitchen costs £50,000?

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I used to work in a high end cabinet shop and the price was about 75% in the doors. The boxes only varied in the level of finishing applied to the particleboard, and the CNC drilling done to the sides (more holes meant more expensive, because it meant more configuration options, and more time in the CNC machine. But at the end of the day, they were all still particle board.


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