Upgrade Ikea furniture with nice knobs and legs

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Something about the phrase “… create the look of a bespoke handmade plywood kitchen for a fraction of the cost” makes me go “Wait, what?”

I guess that in the age of laminate-everything, plywood is relatively prestigious. But it still sounds a little like “dress yourself in the sophisticated style of genuine pleather”, or “give your car the state-of-the-art engineering values of the revolutionary Trabant”.


nice knobs

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Also…the price for just one knob at Prettypegs?

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Some people are into a good peg every now and then

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Wait, I thought someone had already built a business on making IKEA-level furniture look fancy?

Disclaimer: I have examples of both in my house. I ain’t fancy. But I know an overpriced upsell when I see one.

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Plywood is better than solid wood for cabinet bodies, IMO. Accommodates changes in heat and humidity better. I ultimately bought an IKEA kitchen (and couldn’t be happier, honestly), but when we were shopping, even the really expensive cabinets were all plywood with solid wood face frames. Thicker, higher-quality plywood than what you’ll get in flat-pack furniture, but plywood nonetheless.


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