Illuminated multi-power LED head magnifier


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Can you demagnify your head when your are done? Or does it stay giant?


Confirmed, this thing is great. Three levels of magnification, too.


the link doesn’t work - I get a ‘Server not found’ error. I am on Mac using FF 49.0.2


Confirming your confirm. Super great when soldering small (surface mount) stuff, too.



Confirm your confirm. Edit: FOUR levels of magnification if you count that little rotatable magnifying glass (plastic, lets face it) on the right eye piece. I can’t solder without this thing.


This is one of those things I definitely should have thought about buying. It just never occurred to me. I keep meaning to use the magnifier on my third-hand but it’s a chore. Great suggestion.


Dang - that is a good deal. Always wanted one… but right now I shouldn’t.


These magnifiers are great, but I did not find the light sufficient. I’ve had much better luck using them since I added a bright light:


I’ll second that. I bought one of these several years ago, and it was the best $6 I ever spent on ebay.


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