Incredibly useful headmount magnifier for $8

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Photos please! You must look rather dashing in that headgear.


These are good.
For desktop work, a stereomicroscope is way better. But there are tasks where a microscope can not be used due to their positions; a headmount lens is priceless there.


Some folks call this a form of loupe.

I like to use one for fine-pitch soldering by hand.

The jealousy really sets in when I go to the dentist and he’s wearing a ridiculously nice loupe.

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Jeez, keeping young humans is pretty resource intensive; hearing about things like this make me glad I missed out. Can’t you just get them a, I dunno, a lice-collar or something?


The problem is that they think they’re people, and that opens a whole can of if-they’re-people-you-have-to-treat-them-like-people.

Like the Dread Pirate Roberts (Pre SR), “word gets out that a pirate’s gone soft, and it’s nothing but work, work, work all the time.”


If you’re soldering for your own business you can write it off as an expense:

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