This $7 magnifying glass with alligator clips comes in 'handy'


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You need one of these if you do much soldering on small parts. Mine also has a holder for the iron.


I use one of these for painting miniatures. It’s awesome!


I also have one of these for soldering, but I’ve found it more useful for when I have to crack open a cellphone or some other tiny piece of electronics. Sometimes more trouble than its’ worth, but when you need it, this thing is invaluable.


Got it for my son for the same reason. As a boy I can remember playing with this in my dad’s shop. It was a monster! A robot! A beast with two jaws! good times


Hazard Fraught has a slightly cheaper one, but I have a sneaking suspicion it is also slightly shoddier.


I have one for soldering as well, but I took the magnifying glass off. Rarely am I working with parts so small as to need magnification. I got mine from Adafruit.


I can tell you where that version will most likely fail: the magnifying glass will fall out of its ring pretty easily. Factor in the cost of some duct tape, and it’s still not too bad.


I went the other route, a beentsy ittle magnifier like that is not enough for me.

(Er, link is not to model I have, just an example).


May I ask , how old are you?. If you are south of 40, I hope you put that glass in a place where you will remember where it is, you might be needing it.


Just north of 40. I know exactly where that glass is.


With all the other technological advances, I still wonder why blueprint printers 20 years ago were much sharper than the ones we have now. They are so blurry!


This works pretty good. Optivisor.


I’ve been trying to convince myself to pony up for one of these:


Do you already have a circuit board vise? My panavise “junior” and the regular 3rd hand tool is all I’ve needed, so far.


What does “need” have to do with it?


Ah, so you have Gear Acquisition Syndrome? My sympathies. :wink:


I’m passed GAS, so, uh, pardon me. Anyone have a match?


Yesterday I was trying to read the writing on a tiny AC Adapter. I was moving it closer to my face, then farther away, trying to get more light on it, etc., all the while thinking, “what the hell? WHY CAN’T I READ THIS?” Punchline: I only have five days left of my thirties.

I have a soldering stand like this that I use to hold photos.


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