This very cheap illuminated magnifier is just what you need to read the tiny print on electrical components

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There’s an app for that

I’ve graduated to a stereo zoom microscope. Not pocket-sized, unfortunately.


I think i bought one of these for our physics lab. The lens was so distorted that it was nearly impossible to use for identifying parts.

Please verify if the lens is free of nasty distortion defects

It doesn’t work nearly as well as the real thing. Too much distortion and the colors go all weird.

It’s the first thing I use when I need to read tiny print on electronics, usually to see the power output specs on chargers or get a model name. Works great for little IC’s too.

I wonder what it says on that little chip

Good enough to distinguish a “1” from and “I”, but I meant the little one

Also it’s trivial to keep a snapshot of what you’re looking at to share with others

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