This $3 illuminated jeweler's loupe comes in handy

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I frequently carry a jeweler’s loupe. A while back a co-worker asked me if I had a magnifying glass because she was looking at some spots on a reprint of a rare book. I offered her the loupe. She looked at it oddly, looked at me, and then said, “Okay, I’m not gonna ask.”

Now why did she think it normal that I’d have a magnifying glass but weird that I had a jeweler’s loupe?



Light-emitting diode lights have double the light.


[quote=“stephen_schenck, post:3, topic:65421, full:true”]
(LEDLIGHT) Light-emitting diode lights have double the light.
[/quote]Yup, just like PIN Numbers have double the numbers.


Note to @frauenfelder: Your link in the summary leads to the Amazon homepage, not the actual item.


My son gave me one of these for my birthday this year. I recommend keeping this loupe and a pair of very sharp pointed jewelers tweezers in the first aid kit for sliver removal. Also handy if you live in a place where ticks (and Lyme disease) is a concern.

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AmazonSmile: Illuminated Jewelers Eye Loupe 40x-25mm with Led Lighting: Office Products

@frauenfelder, Fix your affiliate link. I’m trying to buy it, and if you guys are supposed to get a kickback, I’d like you to get it.


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'Know what’s even handier than that? The AmScope SM-4TZ-144A Stereo Zoom for just 529 on Amazon. I carry one on me all the time

A stereomicoscope is a must-have. I scored a more rudimentary Amscope for about $150 or $200 some time ago, by pure chance and a friend who hauled it for me from the States. One of the best investments.

Now we need to start a toy exchange program. :smile:

I won’t part with this one! :stuck_out_tongue: It has custom mods, like the bottom side is drilled with matrix of threaded holes to attach various holders, and the top with the optics is on a slider that increases the clearance between the bottom and the object very significantly. Technically you could use it for mounting the optics on other machinery. I should try if it can be coupled to the Dremel drill press, for circuitboard work… (though it will likely not fit, and a USB webcam-microscope may be a better bet.)

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