Luxo 237 system binocular microscope


I have had a Bausch & Lomb stereo zoom microscope on my workbench for the last ten years. I literally could not earn a living without it.

I got it on Ebay for $500, used, complete with cold-cathode illuminator.

You can buy something equivalent from China brand new for ~$500 - I have a great one I use for surface mount electronics - have a wander over

Now you can tease INTJs with cordial, accurate, ENFP-like delivery!

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What I covet are the short-telescope glasses a dental surgeon I know uses. Not quite microscope, but they let him sit at a comfortable distance while seeing the small area he’s working on brightly and clearly, and they sit on his nose rather than requiring that he anchor his head in place. Pro version of the head-worn magnifiers many hobbyists get as their eyes get older. NOT cheap, though – I’m not sure they’re a lot less expensive than the binocular microscope, partly because they’re produced in smaller quantities.

I’m sort of in agreement with tikaro above. It’s not that I don’t say things in real life that are worse than a comment about INTJs, but it struck me as “odd” seeing something like that come up on BB. I mean every tenth post or so has a tendency to deal with how others want to be treated, or at least the respect we should be giving them, but it’s okay to just make fun of a group cause they have some meticulous tendencies.

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They are called loupes, but even they will set you back around US$1000 or more if you want decent optics.

Search for surgical loupes BTW —jewellers’ loupes are hand held.

Since BB probably has a higher-than-average population of INTJ’s, this may be justifiable on the “at my own expense” principle. And it’s a joke which (tries to) reflect a (vaguely) real category of personality types, which is going to come closer to reality than most stereotypes.

So, yeah, gratuitous and unnecessary but “mostly harmless”. (And yeah, I’m definitely an INTJ – pretty obvious given my reactions here on the board, methinks.)

You freaks and your “feelings”…

That’s how I took it, as another BB INTJ.

It’s somewhat less helpful these days; but the commies had some fairly significant optical hardware manufacturing base once upon a time, and back when the hard-currency-starved proximate owners of said manufacturing gear were selling off product for whatever they could get, there were some sweet deals to be had.

Contemporary Chinese slave factories aren’t bad, but they don’t have that ‘limited time only, collapse of the iron curtain’ thing going for them.

Hm. What I need, then, are reconditioned retired-from-service surgical loupes. Probably findable, somewhere.

(eBay has cheap ones. Cheap in both senses, though.)

Not as nice as that, but I recently got an Omax microcope to the lab from microscopenet for about $500 that has pretty much the same functionality, and has worked fine for us.

Actually you are thinking of ISTJ rather than INTJ.

The INTJ would be off inventing a new fishing reel.

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And I find it really hard to get offended if described as being meticulous and precise. How is that a bad thing? It’s true and earns me a good living … :smile:

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Keep in mind that the high-end ones are custom made and not really adjustable. They are horribly expensive when new (much, much more than $1000) but mostly useless and worthless when retired. So be careful to get one that can be adjusted for you.

Damn straight.

Anyone who flies often owes their life to meticulous precision.

I’d been thinking about ordering new, from the guy who made the loupe my surgeon uses. Yes, it’s expensive. On the other hand, my eyes aren’t getting any younger and it’s essentially a one-time investment… and it’s as valid and valuable a tool as a high-quality table saw, which is also in that price range.

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