These prism binoculars are supercheap with promo code

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Oh Mark, don’t you know you can buy Amazon reviews by the thousands on the cheap these days?


Really do not suggest buying a 10X binos with anything smaller than a 42mm objective lens. The eyestrain will be a real issue, much better to get a 7X or even an 8X. You’re not using this for an application requiring such magnification.


Ten Dollar Me No Holler! Just snagged a pair for my Dear Wife, amateur birder. Thanks Mark!

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That’s the first “F” rating from Fakespot I can recall…

The binos may still be worth the price paid, but I’m not sure binoculars only worth that price are, well, worth buying.


For the best view of the Stones you need binoculars that can see into the past.


“Low Light Night Vision for Adults Kids”… and maybe cats too?

Nikon Monarch V ftw!

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I know a birder whose hubby bought her cheapo binoculars. Can you still cancel the order?

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Or beer goggles.

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You might need binoculars equipped with night vision - to see Through The Past Darkly.

Which I have to admit was my first Stones album…oh such a long time ago

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Technically all binoculars see into the past, albeit not as far into the past as telescopes.


She was so annoyed at hubby for wasting money on cheapo binocs that she went and bought a $2000 pair.


Good news was that you had $2000.00, bad news is you don’t have it anymore.

We ain’t got that kind of cheddar laying round…

For future reference if you use Duckduckgo, the !fake bang command can be used to quickly check an amazon listing:!fake+


Practically the same thing, really…

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At $10 I will take a chance. Thanks, MF.
At this price point I will leave them in the car to probably be stolen in the yearly car break in.
I :heart: SF!

I have a couple of pairs of Leica binocs that get used for birding, but are also heavy and very well taken care of, and they were (quite) expensive. I just got these delivered, and they are nothing like the Leicas, but they are a really good $10 binoc that can be kept handy to check what just landed by the house. I figured if I hated them, I could always return, but quite happy to keep them since they focus reasonably well and are quick to put on a target before it flits away.

Holy shit, you are comparing 10$ binos to a LEICA?


We invested in a Zeiss Conquest a couple of years ago. I am no birder (just a botanist sometimes looking at birds, too), but I think my brain wouldn’t forgive me if I looked through a pair of 10$ thingies and compared this experience with a LEICA or our Zeiss.

I mean that, quite literally. I think I would get a headache because I would try to look for details which a 10$ device cannot resolve.

I compared the Zeiss to several other binos before buying, through various price classes. It took months to decide to spent the money, but I (cough) never looked back.

Sort of? Different uses, different tool.