These prism binoculars are cheaper than ever

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BTW: My Dear Wife loves them, so poo poo on everybody that said she wouldn’t.

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Tried the code out of curiosity – wasn’t expecting the price to drop that much. Granted I don’t know enough about the price history of this item to be certain that it’s not just marked up a bunch pre-discount-code, but the final price of $8.88 drops these into “gift for toddler” territory.

I bought one and got it in a few days.
Turned out to be such a good deal that my wife ordered and received another one
on her Amazon account.
Optics are surprisingly good!
They are not made from titanium and I suggest adding the enclosed strap so not
to drop them.
These will both go into the car boot, and be ready to use on any trip.

10x25 is good for bird watching if you plan to travel light.

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