Best real binoculars for kids

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I had these as a kid


Mullet is plural?

I would think these are very good for kids because as well as being compact and lightweight, they are also very good ‘macro’ bins for magnifying things like butterflies, insects, flowers etc at about 50cm

But, yeah, they are a bit more pricey.

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Honestly, it’s amazing to me how cheap passable optics have become. I bought my kid some £20 alphabet-soup brand binoculars, and they were within spitting distance of my pair I bought a bit over a decade ado for at least four times that.


For really small kids who might need something lighter. My 5 year old likes these ones I bought for her.

They are very light, support a really narrow inter pupilary distance and relatively easy to use.

Quality isnt bad either. The focal depth is pretty good so I can preset a reasonable viewing distance. If something is really interesting I just let her look through my high end ones.

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For stargazing the tripod is key. Kids have a hard time lining up the stars and get annoyed by the jiggling.


Lying on your back helps a lot with binocular jitter. My daughter loves lying on her back on the trampoline to stargaze with binoculars.


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