Illustrations depict future noir in brooding shapes and shadows


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Reminds me of De Mille.

An entire set created with a few shadows.


“I so so sorry, my dear darling, how was I to know you suffered from a phobia of vertical blinds?”


The pictures are really rather good. I particularly like the photocopier room turned in to a Bladerunner style city scene.


More Dr Caligari and expressionist film in general for me.


Has a bit of a “Limbo” feel (the game, not the errrr, game or music nm)


I like them - impressive what you can do with just a few simple shapes and scale.

Or you can just take a photo of your local subway :wink:


Much like Middle Earth, futuristic architecture often seems to have a “screw you, OSHA” approach to safety rails.



Classic example.


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