Illustrations from the best picture books of the year

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This sounds like a really fun activity. I miss being within a reasonable train ride from NYC - and other cities with great museums and galleries.

We spent a few years in Iowa City shortly after the cartoonist Berkeley Breathed lived there. He called the library there “the swellest public library in the known universe.” I don’t disagree.

One cool feature was the Westgate Collection of original art by children’s book illustrators, hanging on the walls of the kids’ section of the library. I don’t know if the collection has work from the very latest publications as described in the linked article, but it was lots of fun and pretty impressive.

I love that Adam Rex art in the The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors book previewed with that last picture. What a cool art show.

As a fellow enthusiast I feel compelled to share that a there is a contemporary illustration for children competition since 2003, accessible via Web, hosted in Portugal. Check it at “”. The previous years section can show you the variety and quality of the works under competition. And while you are at it check the wonderful work from “

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