Public domain illustrations from old books

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Old-school SF illos have a quaint retro feel. Old school fantasy and horror illos often UTTERLY ROCK and are deeply uncanny.

I used illos like this as placeholders in a self-published RPG adventure I’m working on. I ended up commissioning custom artwork to get a better fit.

But it occurs to me . . . why not grab a bunch of illustrations and write an adventure based on them?

Hmmmm. Hmmmmm.


Did you ever play “Everway”, where you designed your character by selecting some artcards and making a backstory involving them.

I like the swan boat coming down from heaven. Would it be wrong to shop in BoingBoing on the flag?

Tenniel’s “Hand of Glory!”   <swoon>


Visual test time: Who can see Bob Hope’s profile in that picture?

Excellent, this stuff really is fully accessible! Too often I read a story like this and the reality is “website allows you to look at tiny watermarked thumbnails if you know what to search for” or “website issues press release saying they’re going to make some stuff available at some point”.

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