British Library posts 1m copyright-free images online

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not terribly impressed with the image quality.

Image taken from page 701 of 'History of Vermont, etc'

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Titled “Switzerland in the nineteenth century. Edited by Swiss writers headed by P. Seippel”
Not sure about the caption.

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Yup, looks like it was done with Macpaint.
I wonder how hard it would be to (automatically) convert these all to vector art.

Most of the illustrations can be expanded by clicking with a magnifying glass icon. I liked the album selection.


This is how you scan an engraving for the web. Each line individually resolvable by the eye

The Works of Publius Virgilius Maro: Translated, Adorned with Sculpture, and illustrated with Annotations

(download the 8 Megapixel image for full res)

No, the full text isn’t there (just two pages), but I’m not so sure that the British Library has placed fulltext online.


This has been around for over two years.

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Perhaps some folks who could make good use of the images missed the news of its initial launch.


Heh, heh, and you’ve been around here for over two years…and that looks to be your first comment. :wink: Glad to see you’re making headway. :smiley:

Also: Welcome!


“Buffalo Bill! The Buckskin King or the Amazon of the West” Are they questioning William Cody’s sexuality?

Thank you for the welcome. I used to read BB on a regular basis but didn’t comment much, even before bbs, but I reserved a name anyway. I happened to see a Xeni tweet that brought me to this post. I guess I was just surprised that BB didn’t cover it when it first happened in December 2013.

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Thanks for your gracious reply. I was a bit worried that I might have offended by teasing a bit. I myself don’t post all that much. Again, welcome!

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