British Library uploads one million public domain images to the net for remix and reuse




1,019,998 images, yet only 1 set.
Still…pretty damned awesome.


As long as I can eventually do a search for “witches kissing the devil’s butt” and get valid results, I’m good…


In case you get bored over the holidays: this is the kind of material Terry Gilliam used for his MPFC (and DNAYS) cartoons way back when… Have a go at it and post it.



The first thing I thought of was Gilliam’s animated Christmas card–typical inspired lunacy.


Thanks. At this time of year, I needed that bit of silliness.



^ Loud applause


Finally. Enough material to generate ideas for icons to represent mummification service provision.


This ought to be good for a couple of years of memes at least. Has someone notified 4chan?

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