British Library releases over a million public domain images

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More precisely, “Mandrill attack! How the fuck did I get myself into this situation?” Also TIL, mandrills are no longer classified as baboons.


There is something so glorious about the phrase ‘weasels ripped my flesh’, that I just can’t accept classifying that incident as a mere ‘weasel attack’. I don’t quite know what it is about the phrase; but it is a glorious one.


Scrolling through those images, I began to worry that you had reposted the entire collection here.


I have to assume this is where Zappa got the idea for his album?

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Waaait a minute wasn’t this image posted recently on BB too?

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These posts always make me think of the wonderful Tim Cahill.

So, like, gamergate?

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I’m sure it’s obvious to everyone, but I was struck by the fact that every woman was wearing the same red shirt.


Maybe they’re the Security, aka the expendables?
We’ll see for sure after the landing party is beamed down.


Yeah what’s up with that?

Honestly, I expect it’s just a weird consistency of the Illustrator. Maybe he just got really good at drawing women in red shirts, similar to how Rob Liefeld got really good at drawing a parchment scroll with his name in it.

Alternatively, given the Misogyny expressed by the headlines on those magazines, I suspect the color may have some deeper meaning.

Any chance Walter Palmer is the cover model?

I learned early on not to travel shirtless through waist deep water with a woman wearing a unbuttoned red shirt and no bra. That is a sure way to get attacked by a swarm of whatever wild creature happens to be nearby.


I’m going to assert copyright over the whole damn collection and charge a few pennies per eyeball.

I’ve been to Savannah. It is definitely not a joytown. However, rammed in the gut and dying is pretty accurate. Especially if you’ve been by Paula Dean’s place.

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…lower resolution images, as a means of advertising the higher resolution versions that they want to license to you. All in all, it’s a rather disappointing posture for the British Library to take.

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These guys fighting turtles and crabs? Come on guys. MAN UP


It is, according to the Wikipedia page. Thought I’d made a discovery.

I think some of those men were provoking the animals, taunting them and suchlike for a good story. How else do you get attacked by flying squirrels or giant otters? Either that or they made it up.

CRAZY…Apparently this is actually a thing with these magazines…