Strange, cringeworthy, and WTF album covers. Share your favorites


I know there’s plenty of examples on the Internet, but I’m interested in the BB take on this fascinating subject.

Here’s a cover that has confused me for many ages:

Just what the hell is going on here? So many questions.

A collection of the worst (best) metal covers of all time
Count to ten thousand!

A 1950 10" record I found in my father’s collection:


That’s some Twin Peaks inspiration right there.


Pulled from Worst. Album. Covers. Ever:




You may get a kick out of my tumblr page, though it’s limited to LPs I actually pick up in my travels.


Nice collection.

Terri Lee’s fart bubble is extraordinary.



A promise I hope she doesn’t keep.

I’m just jealous of her guitar (I have a thing for old Guilds.)


This might be the most confusing LP cover I’ve seen in the last few years. Big record label, respected classical imprint, well-known conductor and orchestra, and they used this photo?

And I always get a kick out of this one:


Both of those are new to me. That second one, I can’t even…


Venetian Snares’ Meathole

It’s actually a mirrored photo of an armpit


No Whitesnake album cover? Disappoint.


I remember getting this strange cover back in the day…



Heh, I was working in a record store at the time it came out, and bought both versions.

ETA: That was back when Tipper Gore and friends were on their big censorship crusade.


Bring it. :wink:


Ok you asked for it.

It’s pretty subtle. You probably can’t see it.


Oh, that one! I must have blocked it out for some reason. Yeah, that’s cringeworthy.


One of my all-time favorites:

Funny thing about ‘terrible album cover’ lists… many of the covers that show up as “worst ever” or “most bizarre” make total sense in context. Such as Reborn by Orion, which baffled the hell out of me until I read about Jimmy “Orion” Ellis and the myth of a reborn or undead Elvis. The guy packed stadiums!


One of my freelance jobs, for years, was the in-house designer for a service that put indie musicians on various music services for “less than the price of a pizza”. So to say that I got a lot of extremely indie musicians (aka people with a mic plugged into a laptop), many of whom were totally nuts, was putting it mildly. And when crazy people get what they want on an album cover it can be… unique.

One of my ‘favorites’ was this guy, “Eclectic States”. He sent me a pencil sketch of exactly what he wanted, and my job was just to “make it real”. So yes, you’ve got a fat man stuck in an egg timer with a floating hat, a funnel above him that resolves into a bubble with a house, and a funnel below filled with an audience that becomes a conveyor belt feeding prosthetic legs and golf clubs to a polar bear. The client was extremely happy.


Yeah, but he also was robbed, violently, at least once, and then murdered! Talk about a mixed bag…

Favorite album cover, definitely the Black Crowes’ “Amorica”. I enjoyed the White Stripes’ covers as well, “Elephant” in particular:

And I think of this one when I’m shooting:

And this one has always stuck with me because the image fits the music so well:

For. The. Win.