A collection of the worst (best) metal covers of all time


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The design of extreme heavy metal logos

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<img width=300 src=http://i2.wp.com/media.boingboing.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/funny-metal12.jpg?resize=660%2C672>

Awesome picture, with an unfortunate font. That “METALUCIFER” text is damn near unreadable with its horrible kerning choices.


Is it Meta Lucifer?

Or Metal Ucifer?

Or Metal-Lucifer?

Also those Heene Boyz is that “Balloon Boy” band.


I though it was Metaluufer or Metalugfer…


Metal Loofa?


That was driving me crazy; I thought it was some sort of German or Scandinavian metal.


Nope, otherwise there would be more umlauts involved.


Ï thöüght thërë wërë ümläüts.


Thank you–like everyone else in this thread I was having the darnedest time trying to read that.

Unlike everyone else in this thread I apparently have a filthy mind.


I’m all for design nerdery, but you have to admit that in the realm of metal logos the bar for legibility is set pretty low.


Oh, I totally understand. Witch house artists tend to do similar stuff to make their names hard to read (and by design, harder to Google).

Those particular examples you linked to are pretty damn spectacular and there’s some real artistry there – some I even found legible, but then again I used to be big into grafitti as a youth so my tolerance for hard to read text is pretty high.

Perhaps then my gripe with the “METALUCIFER” text is that it is not only hard to read, but damn lazy about it.

ETA: And as an aside, “Short Bus Pileup” is a masterfully offensive name. Kudos.


Metal Loofa Sir.


If we’re talking covers of songs by metal bands, regardless of the original’s genre, I nominate Fantomas’ cover of Henry Mancini’s Charade (theme and song) as one of the best:

Original Charade theme:

Original Charade song:

Fantomas’ cover fusing both:

Vocals: Mike Patton’s crazy ass

Bass: Trevor Dunn (Patton’s long-time partner in musical crime)

Guitar: Buzz Osbourne (of Melvins)

Drums: Dave Lombardo ('nuf said)


I’ve heard that thanks to the umlauts, when Mötley Crüe played Germany for the first time the crowd greeted them chanting “Muhtly Cruh! Muhtly Cruh!”.


Searching for Metal Loofa gives me these

It seems like they’d be a bit rough for people with sensitive skin.


There’s an extra L in there that doesn’t belong. The band’s songs are all about natural dermal abrasives and they’re actually called Meta Loofa.


Until this afternoon, I didn’t know who that was. Why wasn’t I informed?!

(searches YouTube)

OK, got it.


Basically he is a clown… and does cocaine… There sounds like there should be more to the story, but there isn’t.


Use one in the tub, and you’ve got a bath. Strip out an extension chord, hook it up and plug it in in the bath and you’ve got a party!

(don’t try this at home)