Worst. Album. Covers. Ever



Strange, cringeworthy, and WTF album covers. Share your favorites
A collection of the worst (best) metal covers of all time

I’m betting on some crossover potential. Awful song thread


I knew Manowar would have to be on there, but I was expecting this.


I dunno, I thought some of them were rad.





Um, ok.


I think 60’s Jeebus vocal groups should be automatically disqualified from competition for I don’t know what reason but just because.


Some of these are totally rad, and some are stone-cold classics. That Scorpions “bubblegum breast” cover often makes best-ever lists, so rankings like this get a little weird.

Often a ‘bad’ album cover makes complete sense once you know its backstory. That Orion cover often makes “worst-ever” lists, but it’s a perfect cover for him, since he was marketed as the literal back-from-the-dead Elvis, performing in a rhinestone mask.


I think it is because pointing out their shockingly awful album covers feels somehow cruel. But fun. So we feel guilty (a bit).


Liebe Mutter is one of my favorite albums of all time, Heino gets kein Respekt. Then again, I also think Millie Jackson’s Back to the Shit is a classic album, so what the hell do I know?


Battleaxe are, as I recall local boys from Sunderland. They had a shonky double-decker in murdered out black with the band logo on it and everything. Like a sub-par Saxon, if you can imagine.
ETA: Fuck me sideways, they’re still going:


I knew this would be on there.


Is that the front or back cover?


A friend of mine bought this one in a used music store because it was only a dollar. We listened to it all the way to a gaming convention in Evansville. It’s still a pretty awful cover.


What no Pen and Pixel?

Can’t post image due to new user but Big Bear Doin Thangs.


The religious ones are kinda obvious. And there’s a bunch of them in there that I really love in an unironic way.

But some, like the “Songs for Gay Dogs” cover, okay. You win.