Uncropped photos of famous album covers


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I remember an old b3ta challenge on this:
(it’s b3ta, so possibly NSFW?)



Enhance. Enhance. Uncrop. Rotate behind the photographer…


This is why God gave us Photoshop.


I guess Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon with Newton off to the side taking notes has already been done.

Can we uncrop some of the terrible album covers in the other post?

Also, that Justin Bieber one is super lazy.

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the bieber one was the only one i really liked. at least it made sense!

…but NYPD!

It’s not like it was any more effort to do it right.

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oh, good point. i missed that, haha – but the basic concept works for me.

Some of these were pretty good, but i prefer their previous post:

Because everything is better with sloths.

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Taken down for some reason.

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Thanks, man!

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You’re welcome (wo?)man!

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