Someone recreated classic album covers with Adam Sandler

Originally published at: Someone recreated classic album covers with Adam Sandler | Boing Boing

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Just chimed in to say I hate Instagram, seems to do everything possible to keep me from looking at images. FU Mark I’m not logging in! I feel better, now on to the weekend.


I’m sure the images are funny but I don’t voluntarily enter Instagram or any of Zuckerberg’s swamps either. Oh well.


Doesn’t do a thing for me, I just wanted to say I was able to view all of them without an Instagram account.

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All I have to say is that I’m grateful they chose to add underwear to the Nirvana cover. There’s only so much Adam Sandler one needs to see.


McGann Why

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This has come up before, and I can’t remember if it worked for everyone, but I can view the whole gallery of images right there on the BB page, if I click on the arrow in the image (circled in green below), or very close to the arrow.

If I click anywhere else in the picture, it takes me to the Instagram login page.

I’m not sure if looking through the gallery on the BB page gives any clicks to Instagram, but at least I don’t have to have a login to Instagram if I want to see all the images. Maybe it will work for others here?

FWIW, I liked the Abbey Road one.


Thanks. Worked for me.


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