This record store only carries 'Whipped Cream and Other Delights,' and it ain't for sale

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I’d like to see them (or somebody) try it with parody covers. This is my fave, of the ones I’ve seen:


I always enjoyed this one.


It’s the Vitalogy of the Vinyl Age

Any relation to this project?


Ah, yes. My family had that one back when it came out in the 60s. I had to leave it behind when I left for University, not least because I had no way to play it.

Whipped Cream trivia: one reason the model on the cover was half-buried in fluff was that she was well along in pregnancy and that was the way they found to cover the baby bump.


The leader of the Frivolous Five was a hugely talented trumpeter named Jane Sager. I don’t know which of the pictured ladies is she is, but here’s an earlier photo:


Came here to post that album … you did not disappoint.


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Herb Alpert story:

My grandfather had this album, but we had What Now My Love and SRO. When I was about 4 or 5, I ruined one of them while pretending to be a photographer: I had removed the lampshade from a table lamp, unscrewed the switch, hung one of these records (through the spindle hole) on the threaded stem, and screwed the switch back on. This became the studio flash umbrella (whatever that’s properly called). I wanted to pretend to take Mom’s picture, but she was busy, so I went and did something else for a while. After a while, Mom noticed something was burning – the vinyl record had melted to the side of the light bulb. She removed the record and it had a permanent warp the size and shape of a light bulb melted into it.

My family was so frugal that they left the light bulb in place with the vinyl residue still on it. Weeks later, someone came to visit, had a seat on the couch next to the lamp, and asked “what is that on your light bulb?”

4 or 5 years later, this came out and it remains, by far, my favorite Herb Alpert track:

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That…is shaving cream.* So I guess she is in fact covered in an “other delight.”

*Source: various summer camp shenanigans.


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