Neil Young finds bootleg Neil Young album in record store, in 1972

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Hey Neil, this video is WAY too long for TikTok get with the program!


There’s a record shop in Pittsburgh that still looks exactly like this, except for the prices.

I bet if you go in there at lunchtime, they’re still playing the same song on the radio. Thanks, Westwood One!


Sue Mingus used to go into record stores and steal Mingus bootlegs. She’d deliberately try to get caught doing it, so she could embarass the store managers for carrying bootlegs.


Nobody wants their work stolen, especially Neil Young.


I don’t think they could have been listening to a more 70s song in that record store.


In a demonstration of irony, this video will be taken down because of the music playing in the background…



it’s surreal.

how is it that the clerk nor the owner seems to know who Neil Young is?

he was one of the biggest musicians in the world at the time.

The low key nature of this endless video is fascinating to me.


Do you mean there is a hidden Peaches or National Record Mart store somewhere out there? Where is it?

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tl/dw, but always liked that song “Green-Eyed Lady.” Also always liked Neil Young.


My business is a service business I do work for the average person but a lot of work is for really rich people including celebrities.

I’ve met many big name pro sports figures and a few from the music industry.

Most times, unless someone says to me “you know who that is?” and then tells me, I have no idea.

Several years ago we were on a job and my wife says look who’s 10 feet away from you. Huh, who? Bob Seger. We grew up in Detroit so he wasn’t an obscure guy and he’s hard to not recognize but it never occurred to me. My wife on the other hand was all googly eyed for him along with several other people.

I guess if you’re not expecting to see someone you might not realize who you’re talking to. I think the guy’s boss was probablly a hard ass and the poor employee didn’t want to piss him off more than Neil Young who had absolutely no authority over him.

It was a cool video, I enjoy seeing anything from that era in context, it’s why I enjoy watching old shows that were filmed on location like Adam-12 or Rockford Files, it’s fun to see old cars, stores, billboards, etc…

On a side note, I come from the school of we all end up in a box so who really cares how famous someone is and I don’t really understand the whole paparazzi thing or bothering famous people when they are out in public.


People in real life don’t usually look like their persona on stage or on camera. In addition, a whole bunch of people model their style on popular figures, so fifty people in one city are likely to look like Neil Young, or were at the time. Not everyone who listens to music is concerned with the image of the artist - some people just like the music. If you’re over forty you won’t know who most of the musicians are. Not everyone is like you. I used to love the Bangles music, but I never saw what any of them looked like, not so I’d remember it. Same with Madness. I eventually got to recognise Suggs, but that took years.



The whole atmosphere really brings me back.


“You guys take BankAmericard?”

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I was at a production house in Fort Lauderdale making a dub of a tape, and a guy came in and was standing in the hallway about 6 feet from me, talking to someone in another room. I thought to myself this looks like a local band douche type of guy (he was draped in scarves and other ridiculous clothes). Since it was completely out of context, I didn’t recognize that it was Johnny Depp (not that I would have done anything different if I had - except maybe ask him to take a photo of me. I’ve been wanting to start a series of pictures of myself taken by famous people).


The guy didn’t even own a record player, only a cassette player! And the cassette album artwork is significantly smaller…so maybe that’s why he didn’t recognize him? Or more likely, the whole film is a mock doc.

I’m with you on this one. I mean, there’s a movie camera there. That’s not usual. The clerk seems pretty blase about a movie camera in a his little store…

Guy walks up and says, “I’m Neil Young.” That’s not normal either. Neil calls the owner, that’s not normal…

I like your fake doc theory.

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Outtake from Journey Through the Past?

The Beatles’ “Don’t You Be Long” touched on that… and maybe it was the store clerk’s message to Neil?