Illustrator James Gurney explores AI art

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I’ve been thinking that the way a paint program with DALL-E-esque tools could work is, one indicates regions of the picture and gives them individual descriptors and some weighting. So there’s an overall prompt, but the model optimizes locally based on (likely overlapping) additional local prompts.


Very cool. Was just reading this other current big news about AI art:

And long live Dinotopia.


Once upon a time a Gurney cover on an ACE fantasy paperback was all I needed to buy it.


Gurney really didn’t get the idea about “make it big” did he. But whoever the lady was, she got it - and told him so.

But I wondered: was this actually the video intended?
You have to get to 21 minutes in before the DALL-E 2 topic gets mentioned.

Note to Bob Knetzger (who has no @handle, so no idea if he will see this) - lets you easily post a YT video that starts at a pre-defined time.

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When I got DALL-E access, the sheer niggling incompetence of the Safety Theatre was the most surprising. Getting the ToS Violation Popup for things like describing something’s color as ‘bleed red’.


Gurney has a nice youtube channel, and it’s lovely to have the artist of Dinotopia demonstrate how he paints a picture of a lawn chair.


I love brushstrokes, and it is great to watch a skilled practitioner make them.


I follow the youtube channel of a wonderful Australian watercolourist, Louise De Masi who has instructional videos, and I’ve seen snippets of another artist’s work; Birgit O’Connor, who uses very large brushes to make giant flower paintings with broad, luscious brushstrokes. I’ve been teaching myself watercolour, which is both easier and harder than I expected.


I’ve been enjoying the Ai stuff.

I use it in conjecture with a daily video project I make in response to David Lynch’s daily number draw. It really helps in image generation that I then mess around with in After Effects is different ways. Here’s a link to the monthly compendium. I think it should start right on some Ai Generated material: All The Numbers for August 2022 - YouTube

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Now I don’t know whose imagination to applaud.

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