'im a heckin black belt' —doggo


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Surely Possibly the dog is under stress because he’s being held?

(I have never watched Airplane! so I don’t understand what this is about.)


No he is not. He is wagging his tail in glee.

And stop calling me Shirley.


Surely Enkita was not calling you Shirley, rather was surely calling the dog Shirley. (“Surely the dog…”)


That is a dog who is desperately trying to get traction on air in order to attack the person with kisses of happiness.


Surely you’re not calling Enkita Shirley now?


Now you are all just being surly.


I am sorely wounded by that accusation.


You callin’ me Shirley?


No, I’m not callin’ you. And my name ain’t Shirley either!


So who the **** IS this Shirley character and why don’t she come here and explain herself?


BJJ Beats Tai Chi in a Street Fight Dog


Don’t call me Shirley. Also, if you don’t want to me to read it, keep omitting the @ sign.

Thus things proceed in their cycles; and thus is the Empire maintained.


Perhaps you need some reading coaching from Bobby Hurley?


Notifications, dear boy, notifications.


Would be so much quieter if this was a cat.


“I find your lack of serenity unbecoming.”

(Also, back in my day, doge coin was practically a force of nature in a continent full of feudal meatheads and subsistence peasantry. You kids these days have no idea.)


I don’t think he’s barking. Shibas, despite their small stature, are just about the quietest dogs there are.


Doge sports dog dong hat:

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